Instagram – Hashtag Update 2015

A while back, I got really good at Instagram. I quickly built up my small business, and used it as a tremendous sales and lead tool.

One of the biggest IG methods I used was “photo bumping.” It’s not scamming or spam, it’s creating new hashtags to bring a photo back to life. When posting a photos, I always posted hashtags in a comment. This reason was two-fold: 1) It just looks neater, and 2) I could delete the comment, add another with different tags, and revive the photo under new tags.

New hashtags added in the comment

New hashtags added in the comment

This morning, I was helping out my favorite band, Ashlyn Maine, when I noticed that my “new” hashtags weren’t showing at the top of the photos with the same tags. I thought it was a glitch in their account, so I switched to my own business account and tried it. Nope, the “new” tags weren’t showing at all! Tags were, however, showing with newly posted photos.

I inquired in a social media Facebook group, and sure enough, someone pointed out that IG had made a change. Hashtags now appear in the order the photo was originally posted, not in order of when the hashtag was added. 

So, what does this mean? No more photo bumping. I assume IG made this change due to spammers, but I’m a wee bit uncomfortable with it myself. One of the perks of IG is the controllability – it’s very easy to control reach and interaction. What will this mean for reach? For businesses using IG as a sales and lead tool?

Any thoughts on this new IG change?


Somewhere along 97 or 98, I was in the ninth grade, and was a shy, pimply-faced teenage girl who had never had a boyfriend. On Valentine’s Day, I watched in horror as EVERY single girl received cards, flowers, and most importantly, stuffed animals, besides me. One girl, in particular, received at least eight stuffed animals from five different 14-year old suitors. I was mortified.

I rode the bus home in silence, crying my eyes out all way. Every February 14, I attempted to fake ebola to get out of going to school. It didn’t work, and buckets of tears ensued.

Since that day, I’ve had it out for Mr. Cupid, or this holiday I’ve dubbed Valloween due to all of the crapola in the stores loving put out on January 2. Even when I was 18 and finally did had a boyfriend, something has always rubbed me the wrong way about mushy, red… stuff.

Fortunately, I married someone who feels the same way about the Valloween. Yea, I don’t think we’ll celebrate it this year. At least not with balloons, or jewelry, or bears, or importantly, balloons.

P.S. The guy I married has the body of Chris Pratt and the face of Chris Pine. This really isn’t relevant, I just wanted to put that somewhere, in some post.