Why I stopped using Pinterest

Pinterest - and some cat vomit stuff

 Pinterest, and some cat vomit stuff

[I should note that that this blog post isn’t meant to offend anyone; it’s simply my prospective on this particular subject. I have a lot of friends who still use Pinterest, and that’s totally fine.]

Last year, the storage space on my phone was so full that I couldn’t even take a photo. In an effort to clear some things, I deleted the Pinterest app, thinking I’d add it back later. I never did, and I slowly stopped logging on through my desktop.

I’m not a crafty person. I can’t bring myself to make a chandelier out of wax paper and a hot glue gun – believe me, I tried. It just doesn’t happen for me. I love cooking, but I like to serve healthy recipes, not ones that resemble something the cat barfed up. I don’t dress in today’s fashions, so that part’s mostly out, too. Then the real reason: my “Home Ideas” board.

My home is never going to be a pristine mansion like many of the pins I had. Barring lottery winnings, I’m never going to build secret hideaways, sleeping porches, or have a kitchen that opens to an outdoor bar. Pinning those things made me feel insecure, incompetent, and worst of all, materialistic.

In the past year, I’ve changed the way I view objects in my life. I’d rather spend time sustaining a full and adventurous life rather than worrying about the fabric shade of throw pillows. Don’t get me wrong – I still want a warm and comfortable home, but life is outside, a whole wide world ready to take in.

Oh, and one more thing – Chevron stripes look like a couch a dude from Mad Men should be smoking Lucky Stripes on.


3 thoughts on “Why I stopped using Pinterest

  1. I can see your point and I rarely use Pinterest anymore myself for any of the reasons you mentioned. It was a fun little distraction for a short time. These days I still use it as a blogger, but that’s it. I still share my posts on pinterest (and am amazed at the amount o traffic I often get from Pinterest shares), and occasionally I go through boards that pin my posts to get other ideas of what’s going on within my topic.

    • Agreed. I really should use it for blog/business related things. I considered deleting all of my previous boards and just starting over with a more “professional” Pinterest.

      I think another reason I no longer use it is because I had to “let go” to some social sites to focus more on others.

      • Saludos, alguien me podrá informar de algún lugar donde hagan castings para mascotas. Tengo una English bulldog hermosa y me gustaria que pudiera papatcirir. Gracias!!

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