This Camper is Driving me Crazy! – The Cushions

Bedding and Sofa Area

Bedding and Sofa Area

This trailer is driving me crazy!

Yea, I knew it would be work. My entire motto and plan has always been “something fun for the campground.” We’ve never planned for a perfect, rally-restored camper that we can enter in shows. I wasn’t even concerned when I accidentally smeared a glob of spray paint across the front window seal. Oops.

But, help, me, seriously, if this project isn’t completed soon… well, I just don’t know.

Here’s where I’m at, and one major aspect I wish I’d thought of sooner:

The cushions.

As ridiculous as it sounds, the cushions are about to be the death of the entire camper restoration. The fabric and foam isn’t in bad condition, per se, but it’s both outdated and dark. We’ve repainted with light reds and whites, and the dark maroons, greens and blacks on the cushions no longer match.

I took the cushions to an upholstery shop, and the quoted price was over my budget… er, my entire trailer budget. I expected it to be pricey, but I had no idea it would be that pricey.

After asking around in a couple of Vintage Trailer Groups, I was directed to this: How to Recover Trailer Cushions the Cheater’s Way. The post is from Kelle, at Little Vintage Trailer, who suggests using safety pins. This made me think: what other options could there be?

One couple used a futon mattress for the bedding cushion, others have used simple sofa covers. My friend, Emily, who is restoring a Shasta, sent along some info on buying brand new cushions.

So, what does a girl do…?

Test her options! Right now, I’m trying several different methods to see what works best. I’ll post an update after the cushions are complete.

Pro tip: If I were doing this again, I really would look closely at the cushions before selecting the paint scheme and trailer colors. Can the cushions be saved? Are you on a budget? Do the cushions need to be replaced? This is definitely something to ask yourself when starting the project.


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