Poshmark Review – Buying and selling fashion online

In my recent adventure of selling vintage clothing online, I researched places that aren’t the Etsy or eBay usual. I inevitably came across Poshmark, a social site dedicated to buying and selling fashionable clothes and accessories between users.


The browser version of Poshmark is similar to Pinterest.

Poshmark is a market designed around social interaction with followers and virtual parties. Much like Pinterest, it encourages communication between all users across the site and provides linking amongst Facebook and Twitter accounts. Currently, Posh, as it’s called by users, is only in the U.S.

It’s available as both a mobile app and in-browser. Both versions are appealing; the app is styled much like Instagram, while the browser version is very reminiscent of Pinterest. Photos of items no longer needed can only be uploaded through the app with Instagram-style photo editor. The items are then listed and sold at a price determined by the seller. Users can browse through virtual “closets,” filtered by size, and purchase from others.

My “closet” only has one item listed for sale – a vintage dress.

I made my first purchase from Poshmark this morning, and the buying process was very easy. I “liked” three items the seller had, so I asked her to “bundle my likes.” This means she made a separate listing of the items I “liked” together as one. This avoids multiple shipping charges. Once I purchased the items, Poshmark simply sent the seller a printable shipping label, a she sent the items from the post office.

The seller never had my debit card information; as it goes straight to Poshmark. In turn, they credit the sellers account. She can keep those credits on the site and use them as virtual cash, or she can withdraw the credits. Unfortunately, they do have a high commission rate of 20 percent per sale. Since my items were $30, she only received $24. This sometimes leads to off-site, private Paypal sales, which are against Poshmark’s TOS.

Their are a few negatives: I found searching rather difficult. If I search for “vintage,” for example, I get the same photos I saw a month ago. I’m uncertain how new items are found through searching. I also haven’t quite grasped Posh Parties, though I am sure that will come with more use.

Poshmark will gain more traction (more users actually buying and selling rather than just having a profile) when more users sign up. I know that’s obvious, but here’s why: Right now, three of my Facebook friends are on the site. A lot of people would feel more comfortable buying secondhand from those they know verses strangers around the country.

Interested in signing-up? Download the app and use the code HLLWZ for a $5 credit.


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