My New Love – I Want a Glamper!

For the past four years, I’ve had my eyes set on a boat, preferably a pontoon. I was always afraid to take the plunge because I have a lightweight truck that can’t tow much, and I have insane motion sickness – a dolphin cruise left me in a nauseous mess on vacation once.

I’m glad I held off on the boat, because I’ve found a second love: a vintage Shasta travel trailer.



Image Source

My husband and I started to seriously consider an RV after the tent catastrophe last week. We knew we wanted pre-owned, a pull-camper, and something that was reasonably priced.

After starting my basic research, I came across the new hip thing in camping: vintage travel trailers, also knows as “glampers.” I’d seen these before, but I had no idea how relatively inexpensive these tiny trailers can be. We’d already found a few on Craigslist and eBay that fit within our budget. Another blog likened the tiny trailers to classic Mustangs: fairly easy to find, not expensive, hip and fun.

Shasta seems to be one of the most popular brands for the vintage look. The trailers are lightweight and are easy to tow. The popularity of the Shasta is also due to the bright colors, and the ease of painting. Owners use vintage Shasta trailers not just for camping, but for craft rooms, play houses, and even food trucks.



Image Source

The interior of the tiny trailers are usually brown, but can be painted to match the exterior. Some owners go for a chic decor, while others prefer the original look.

What do you think about glampers – the vintage travel trailers that are popular? Would you prefer one over a luxury recreational vehicle?


One thought on “My New Love – I Want a Glamper!

  1. Bought a 1966 White Star, apparently rare because even the RV people are scratching their heads. In the process of renovating “Star” now. Wanted a pontoon also because had one in PA years ago, but boat gas is expensive as are boat repairs. So in love with my new baby!

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