Laundry Closet Makeover

My grandmother recently moved into an assisted living home, leaving some of her belongings behind. I was the proud owner of her amazing 1992 Ironing Board for a whole day.

The first time I used it, it jammed up. Meaning, it got stuck in the upright position and would not budge down at all. I flipped it over, took several tools to it, read a 1998 purple-colored Geocities fix-it website and even attempted to dismantle it. Nothing worked.

It’s now sitting in our garage, blocking a car and waiting for curbside pickup day.

This lead to the realization that my laundry closet was rather dull. Since we moved in six years ago, I haven’t really done much with the laundry area, mostly because it’s never seen. Drawing on inspiration from a few lesser-known design blogs, I shaped up the area into something that’s nice, attractive and not over-the-top. I love the new look.


Before – Yuck!

I found the prints several years ago at a thrift store for a buck, and stuck them on with clear tape. The main laundry items were just scattered about on the wire-shelf.


After – So much better!

Despite my dislike of “trendy” home decor, I went to Old Time Pottery, where I found the perfect frames and baskets for an easy makeover. The frames were actually from some horrid mass-produced artwork, but worked perfectly for the odd-sized prints. Framing the prints took longer than expected, as the back of the frames had eleven billon metal tacks each. I thought I’d ever get all of the tacks out – it took around an hour altogether.

After - So much better!

After – So much better!

I started to purchase white baskets, but decided brown would go better with the tan-colored walls. I found the peacock boxes in a separate area, and knew the bright blue would compliment the brown.

I’m happy with how it turned out. Nice, inexpensive, and a real makeover that anyone can do!


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