My Decor Style

I was lurking around on GOMI this afternoon when I came across a post regarding new home decor trends posters didn’t like. I knew instantly it was the thread for me; as I am just not a fan of many new decor trends. I realized this recently after a two-hour sojourn to IKEA left me feeling empty and emotionless.

I love old things, but particularly things that have a story. I have a lot of hand-me-downs in my home because I love my family, and I love the character and unique aspect each piece brings in. My grandmothers dining table, his grandmother’s quilts and my great-grandma’s pottery are all just a few things that warm our lives.

Living Room

Living Room

The mirror above the mantle was given to us as a wedding present by some sweet ladies from Dan’s home church. The “N Jackson Ave” sign below the fireplace is an old street sign from our hometown that was gifted to us by a friend. The pottery beside it was a wedding gift from my great-uncle. The print is a 1950’s aerial view of the Alabama Gulf Coast, where we spent our honeymoon. It’s also the setting of my favorite book, Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man. Rickey was given to us by Dan’s family. 🙂

Dining Room

Dining Room

My grandmother’s table – I remember she purchased this new set when I was in middle school. Growing up, I spent countless hours around this table, eating the absolute best southern food you’d ever imagine. No matter the main dish, Granny always served a tray of green onions, radishes and sliced tomatoes.

We bought the light fixture new a couple of years ago. We installed it ourselves, which was a huge accomplishment as it was the first electrical work either of us had done.

The artwork was created by Dan, who has worked in the past as a graphics designer.



I made this in Vacation Bible School when I was in the fourth grade. I remember this year specifically because my family when on vacation that week and someone had to finish him for me. I gave it to my GranGran, who out it in his self-built log cabin.


Dan and I found this (frame and all) at a flea market a few years ago. Turns out, “When the Bees Make Honey Down in Sunny Alabam” is a real song from 1919.

Painted Wood Saw

Painted Wood Saw

Our friends Bryan and Lindsay gifted this to us for Christmas a couple of years ago.  Dan had a long-running joke that he wanted a painted wood saw. He became obsessed with painted wood saws, actually, and told everyone that was what he wanted for Christmas.

Handcrafted Pottery

Handcrafted Pottery

My great-grandmother made this pottery. I’m not sure what year it was made in, but her last name (Hills) is engraved in the bottom.



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