Recipe Reviews

This month’s recipe reviews from popular pins on Pinterest:

Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa: 8/10


This was wonderful! Of course mine looked nothing like the photo, but it was delicious nonetheless. I love avocado. My husband doesn’t, and he even liked this. It was different from our usual weeknight rotation.

The trick to this is buying a high-quality cut of salmon. The first batch I made was great. The second time I made it, I bought a generic, off-brand, probably-imported-from-somewhere-else prepackaged salmon, and it was just bad.

Sliced Apples: 6/10


This originates from The Yummy Life, and lists four different ways to keep apples from browning after being sliced. Essentially, it gives readers ideas to buy their own apples to slice for breakfast and lunch, instead of those expensive prepackaged ones.

I tried the first method – the salt water soak method since I already had salt on hand. It worked okay. It wasn’t terrible by any means, but the apples still went brown in some places. I haven’t tried the other methods, which include using lemon-lime soda, lemon water or Fruit Fresh. These may work better, but the salt idea was… well, just okay.

Homemade Peanut Butter: 9/10


I’d never heard of anyone actually making homemade peanut butter until I came across this pin. Aside from tasting delicious, the nutritional value vs. a store-bought it just phenomenal. I don’t eat organic everything, but I do realize it’s so much better for a healthy lifestyle.

The biggest negative would have to be the cost. Peanuts (and nuts in general) are too expensive! Growing up, my dad would buy giant bags and we’d eat on them for months at a time. This recipe called for a can or jar or nuts, which are usually around $4 for me. However, this one is so good it’s totally worth it.

The best thing is the blogger, Averie Cooks, has so many different versions of the peanut butter, including chocolate and butterscotch.


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