I’m never going to be a famous blogger.

Do you ever repin something on Pinterest that’s been shared through and far and been pinned thousands of times? Every day, we all see these pins, and we all repin them. Do you follow the links back to the blogs that made the pins so famous? It can be something as simple as a work outfit, or a poor recipe of processed junk smashed together into something that resembles literal vomit.

These blogs typically have thousands of followers and seem to become instantly famous. As someone who has been blogging since 2004 (using several different mediums), I’ve never had any of my blogs reach any level of fame or notoriety whatsoever.

I’ve haven’t gotten any book deals, nor do I have sponsorships or advertisers. Most of my posts get read roughly 10 – 15 times by personal friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Here it is: I’m perfectly okay with that.

After years of berating myself, wondering why I couldn’t have the blog notoriety some do, I stumbled upon the website and forums of Get Off My Internets, known as GOMI. It’s somewhat of snark website; not meant for the easily offended. Even though I’m only a lurker on the site, it’s saved my sanity about blogging. There’s also Stay on My Internets – a category for blogs GOMI readers enjoy.

GOMI readers give their opinions on the famous mommy, lifestyle, design and DIY bloggers. They bring blog posts down to reality. I’ve came to a better understanding of what really “makes” a famous blogger, and I don’t think I’m willing to compromise my skills for it.

I’ve realized I’m probably never going to be a famous blogger, nor will I ever get a sponsorship deal. Through blogging, I’ve learned that it’s not quantity, it’s quality. It isn’t about how many people read my blog or reaching the masses. It’s about what I enjoy doing – writing.

As long as I’m having fun with this, I’ll keep doing it. Even if only my only readers are my husband and mom, I’m still going to blog. There are worse hobbies, right?


3 thoughts on “I’m never going to be a famous blogger.

  1. At least you are happy with where you are at. That is all that matters. I get followers because that is what makes me happy, but if I didn’t care to do that I wouldn’t. Thanks for the interesting post!

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