More Pinterest Finds and Reviews

1) Brie, strawberry, and dark chocolate grilled cheese Rating: 10/10


Yes. Yessss. I made this for Sunday night dinner, and it went over amazingly well. My husband even commented, “this is unlike anything I’ve ever had.” The original recipe, from How Sweet It Is, called for brie, organic strawberries and high quality dark chocolate and multi-grain bread. I used dark chocolate chips, fresh strawberries, and Kraft Blue Cheese Crumbles instead of brie. I also added bananas, and I used regular loaf bread. It was devine. I added a litte too much chocolate (my fault) so it did get “heavy,” toward the end, but it was delicious. I cooked it on a countertop grill, using the same method as cooking a regular grilled cheese. The only issue is I have no clue what to serve with it – any ideas?

2) Roasted Okra Rating: 4/10


I’m not sure where this pin originates from, as it links to a photo website. However, it’s featured on , so I’ll go with that. This wasn’t “bad,” by any means. It tasted good, actually. The problem was – it tasted exactly the same as boiled okra. There was no “crispiness” to it. It wasn’t as good as French fries, as the pin claimed. I was raised on homegrown vegetables, including okra, so I gave this a second chance (thinking maybe I didn’t leave it in long enough). Nope, it was the same – boiled okra again.

3) Crispy Edamame Rating: 7/10


I love edamame on a good salad, so I was excited when I saw this pin that claimed it could be eaten like popcorn. The recipe called for parmesan cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper. It turned out delicious, but we did end up using it on a salad and not as a snack. The olive oil (drizzled on, as the recipe stated) made it too greasy to eat with bare hands. Next time, I’m just greasing the pan instead of drizzling it.

4) Cute Updo


This pin links to a beauty site, but is originally from blogger Keiko Lynn. I think this would be an awesome and easy do, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t show the back of the hair. The front looks incredible, but I’m not sure what the back is supposed to look like – mine turned into lumpy mess. Was I supposed to make a “part?” Also, I have hair past the middle of my back, and my braids didn’t even come to the top of my head, so I’m not sure what I was doing wrong.


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