I Know Your Kid’s Name… a BIG Safety Tip


Over the holidays, I received a phone call from my child’s school assuring me they were taking appropriate safety measures in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy. It was a recorded message from the school principal stating that safety was a top priority and his heart went out to those in Newtown.

The issue is – I don’t have kids. Yet despite not being a parent, I receive repeated calls from this school telling me that little Johnny was absent that day, or that the PTA meeting has been moved to Monday night.

Literally two minutes after activating my new cell phone a few months ago, I received a call from a local dentist to confirm Susie’s appointment. A week or so later, I received a call from a cable company, regarding my service at 123 XYZ Drive in XYZ, Alabama.

It’s scary how much information I incidentally have on this family. I know their exact address, their children’s names, where the kid’s attend school, the exact times of appointments, and what they owe the cable company – all left via recorded messages on my phone.

Obviously, I’ve inherited an old number. It took five calls to the cable company to get them to stop calling me. I eventually gave up with the dentist, and I haven’t tried the school yet. Many people simply don’t think about this safety tip until it comes up – change your number on everything. Don’t just change it when you get a chance or the next time you’re at the dentist’s office, but call them immediately and change it.

Could you imagine a total stranger having full access to your child’s name, school, and address? Granted, some of this information could be found through records, extreme investigating, etc., but could you imagine it just being handed over to anyone?

I’m not a predator and clearly won’t be using their information for anything improper. I’m also not someone who is maniacal about safety. I’ve simply never read this tip anywhere and wanted to share.


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