and Gifts – Hiding Purchases?

*EDIT*  Please See the update at the bottom for details on how to add a family member to an Amazon Prime account.

My husband and I have Amazon Prime, a pay service that allows free shipping on Amazon purchases. Since it’s a service we pay for, we simply share one family account. It would obviously be pointless to have two separate accounts on the same computer.

Here’s the kicker: We use Amazon to buy the majority of our Christmas gifts for family and friends. But what about when we want to buy Christmas gifts for each other? Since we use the service often, we’re always getting emails and seeing recently shipped items and orders. Amazon doesn’t have a way to “hide” a purchase. Therefore, if we want to use Amazon, it’s basically impossible for us to surprise one another when it comes to birthdays and Christmas.

My husband actually phoned Amazon about this issue last year. The phone representative, while nice, didn’t have much to say about the issue. She suggested opening a second account and buying Prime again (No, I’m not going to pay twice for something I only need one of). It’s obvious Amazon corporate hasn’t given this issue much thought.

Here’s my suggestion, Amazon: Since most people have family accounts, have a way to “hide” purchases. It would be helpful not only for spouses, but parents with older teens using the service as well. Don’t make customers open second accounts just for Christmas, particularly if they’re long-time users with Prime accounts.

Do you have Amazon Prime? What are some ways you surprise your spouse or family on Christmas?

*Update* – After this was posted, a friend told me Prime members can actually add on a family member under account settings. She found it by accident one day. The family member must have a regular Amazon account to be added. The primary account holder must “invite” the other person via email. The Prime Membership only lasts about a month for the second person, but the primary account holder can extend it.

Adding a family member is only applicable on full-priced Prime Memberships, and not student accounts.

I still think a simple “hide purchase” would be an excellent option.  Now if I could only keep my husband from seeing the bank statement…


3 thoughts on “ and Gifts – Hiding Purchases?

  1. I was able to buy something for my daughter that I was able to “hide” but now cannot do it again. Come on Amazon, don’t lose customers over such a small matter, especially this time of year!

  2. I found it! Once you order, go to the Orders page and there is a list to the right. Hit Archive orders and it goes away from your public regular orders. You’d have to keep that a secret if there are others who can see in your account but it works!

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