Law School and More Pinterest Finds

I haven’t written much about it, but I actually started a lifelong dream about a month ago – I’m going to law school. I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer since the fourth grade and finally decided the time was right at age 29.

With that being said, law school is totally different than undergrad. I’ve found out you actually have to do the work… no, I mean, you really have to do the readings and the homework assignments or you’ll be called out in class, where it will not be pretty. At all. You have to read the syllabus over and over to make sure you aren’t doing anything that will constitute as an honor code violation. You have to learn a new language and how to write differently using words like certiorari (yes, that did not come up on spell check and required Google for advice and answers).


In other news, I’ve been trying some new recipes I’ve found on Pinterest, and this one is completely worth sharing. A. Liz Adventures calls this a “Fresh Apple Cake,” but honestly it isn’t really a cake per se, it’s more of a cobbler/pie/cake. Think baked apples but with a golden, crumbly topping. Yummm.


The full recipe can be found at her site, but it’s essentially apples, cake mix and butter all baked together. Others in the comments suggested adding cinnamon and brown sugar, which I’ll try next time for sure.

This one scores a 9.8 out of 10. The only negative for the .2 deduction is the stick of butter it calls for – I know it’s rich in calories and not something for anyone on a diet.  I actually added a few tablespoons of water to mine juts to moisten the cake mix – I wasn’t sure how the it would turn out with the mix just sprinkled on, but it was actually a wonderful mix of crumbly and soft.

This made the house smell fantastic. I didn’t even want to take it out of the oven because it smelled so good. This is a great recipe for the baking-impaired like myself – it was ridiculously easy. I’m going to save this one for Christmas parties and church potlucks.


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