Recipes found on Pinterest

I have about 60 or so Pins on my Pinterest “Food and Nommmms!” board, but have actually tried less than 10. Here are some of the more popular Pins I’ve came across that I’ve tried; and my takes and reviews on these recipes.

Banana “Ice Cream” Rating: 6/10

This one scores low for one simple reason: it doesn’t keep. Meaning, you can’t make a batch of this and store it away for future use. I tried keeping it in the freezer and it turned rock hard; the refrigerator turned it to mush.

I used around 5 – 7 bananas, and it was way, way too much. If I could have kept it, it would have equaled around a pint or so of regular ice cream. However, I ended up throwing 90 percent of it away.

The positive side was that it actually was very tasty. I enjoy bananas normally, and they’re not that expensive. It was also a very easy recipe – anyone could make this and it would be super fun with kids.

My advice? Start with 2 – 3 bananas and make only what you plan to eat then.

Homemade Ranch Rating: 8/10

This homemade ranch recipe tasted fantastic. The first time, I mixed everything up in a glass measuring cup and then poured it in the Mason jar. The second time, I simply put everything in the jar, put the lid on, and shook.

I found this recipe easy to adjust to my tastes – I created my own ranch by trying different seasonings, etc.

The reason for the 8/10 rating is simply the fat content and the overall cost. The recipe did call for low fat ingredients. The cheapest low fat mayonnaise I found was around $4.50 a jar, so I skipped that and purchased a regular mayonnaise for $1.98 a jar. If I’d used the low fat, the cost would have been around $8 – $9, about two – three times as much as a standard bottle of ranch.

Homemade Salsa Rating: 9/10

Great, but messy. My husband’s grandmother makes a wonderful homemade salsa from her garden tomatoes (I always say she could sell it and make a fortune). I honestly didn’t know you could make your own salsa from Rotel and canned tomatoes.

The salsa tasted great, and like the ranch, I could mix it up and make it my own.

The biggest negative was that it was just a messy recipe in general, and again, the cost vs. buying a jar of salsa comparison.

Homemade Butter Rating: 7/10

This gets a 7/10 for the coolness factor. “I churned you that butter!,” I joked to my husband. I mean seriously – how awesome is it to say you literally made your own butter. The taste is also delicious – it’s not like any butter I’ve ever had from a store. It actually had a great flavor.

The negative is the cost factor. Heavy duty whipping cream is expensive, and this only makes a very small amount. I ended up with about 25 percent of the jar being full of butter after finishing.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili Rating: 10/10

Yes, please! This was amazing, but then again, I could eat my weight in sweet potatoes.

To be honest, I threw most of the recipe out the window, but I did use the two main ingredients – sweet potatoes and black beans. I made my regular chili, and substituted sweet potatoes for my normal ground beef. I used canned sweet potatoes to save time. Overall, it was the same basic principle and was great.

Portabella Pizza Bites Rating: 7/10

These were simple to make a relatively inexpensive. They tasted good – I like mushrooms so I enjoyed them. However, they didn’t really have a “wow” factor. It was also difficult to get the olives to stay on the mushroom.


How often do you actually try things you pin? How many recipes have you made? I’d love to hear what others have tried from Pinterest. Leave a comment below!


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