Morrison’s Cafeteria and the Egg Custard Pie

Here’s another one from the laugh gallery that my mom is still going on about:

Since I am 29, it’s safe to assume this happened well over 20 years ago when I was around 8 or so. My mom, my Nanny (grandmother) and I had gone shopping at the mall, as was a custom way for us to spend a Saturday together. We’d usually eat at Morrison’s Cafeteria – they always had wonderful food, a good selection, and my grandparents knew a lot of people there from the food service industry.

Since Morrison’s served cafeteria style, you always went through the line and picked out exactly what you wanted. No matter what the main dish was, Nanny always got the same dessert – egg custard pie.

On this particular summer day, we were all tired from shopping and decided to leave a little early. Nanny politely asked for her pie to go.

I already knew her plan for that pie – as usual, we’d go back to her house, and around 8:00 p.m. she’d turn on the Braves, light up a cigarette and we’d get into a heated game of Rummy. She’d eat a piece of pie and drink a cup of coffee with a teaspoon of milk. Nanny always was (and still is) a 1960s-era glamour lady (think of the party-people on Mad Men).

As we exited the mall and walked toward the car, she dropped the pie on the ground. It was still in the box, so no big deal. She picked it up, walked three more steps when the wind came up and literally swooped it out of her hands, this time opening the lid. Still, it hadn’t touched the mall parking lot, so it was okay. She picked it up and kept going. Three more steps and again… the pie flew out of her hands. She tried it once more, and lo and behold, the pie flew out of her hands once again, this time pie side down.

“Well forget it!!!”

She left the pie glistening in the mall parking lot and we left.


One thought on “Morrison’s Cafeteria and the Egg Custard Pie

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