From Hackleburg to Harvest, Part II

We all know that April 27 was the one-year anniversary of the deadly tornadoes that devastated much of Alabama. But what about April 28? What were you doing the day after? Were you checking on loved ones? Were you praying? Were you cleaning up your property? Were you working at your job?

The world in Alabama went on hold the week after April 27. Electricity was out for up to a week for thousands, and cell towers (which had skimmed through the 27th on generators) were out for days.

I woke up the morning of the 28th at our house in Harvest. I went ahead and got ready for work. We had a huge day planned and I was the lead contact for most of it, so I wanted to be responsible and go in.

As I drove up the highway, I saw my workplace off in the distance. No lights were on. As I drove into the parking lot – there were only a few people there and I managed to get a spot near the entrance.

As I walked in, a co-worker looked at me and said, “You know y’all aren’t working, right?”

I think that was when it hit me.

I had no idea how bad it really was.

It was later when I found out the tornado had missed us by only a mile – that people had passed away literally minutes from me.

This time a year ago was one of the worst times Alabama has ever had, but the weeks after April 27th made me realize how much I love our state and the countless small country towns in it.

Everyone stopped everything they were doing, became family overnight, and did whatever was necessary to help our neighbors out.If we remember anything from the tornado, let’s remember how we came together in the weeks afterward and try to always keep Alabama and each other that close in our hearts.

This is a photo of the Birmingham News from this past Sunday, April 22. Our best friend’s house made the front page:



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