Loosen up my buttons…

Last night I faced a big fear. I’ve done it before, but every time I do it I can only think of one thing:

In the fifth grade, one of my best childhood friends had a dream that I grew up and married Garth Brooks. In her dream, he divorced me because I couldn’t sew on a button.

My husband’s shirt:

Yay! Maybe he won’t divorce me like Garth Brooks would have.

Here is a random house idea. That’s not our kids, as we don’t have any, but that’s us, in 80’s baby sailor-suit glory. That’s Dan on the top, and me on the bottom. Despite my chubby cheeks, we looked actually favored as babies. I thought it was adorable to frame our matching baby pictures alongside one another in our home.

For dinner: Black bean and sweet potato chili. This idea actually came from a recipe I found on Pinterest via Shabbott’s Habits. I changed it up and made it thinner than the original recipe. I also used canned sweet potatoes, mainly to save time. The basic principle is the same and it is amazing. I never would have thought of putting sweet potatoes in chili. It’s also the most colorful chili I’ve ever made.


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