Bathroom Makeover

I’ll call this a bathroom makeover, since the word “remodel” makes me think of using massive amounts of tools and labor. One of those we used, the other, not so much.

Many years before we bought the house, someone had used packing/mailing paper as wallpaper in the master bath. It actually looked really good. The problem was (and you can’t really see it in this photo) it was peeling off in some spots around the tub and shower area. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what they used to stick it on. I tried wallpaper paste, Mod Podge and even hot glue, but nothing made it look the same. It didn’t have any clear coats or anything over it, so I’m still not sure how they did it.

We decided to just go ahead and paint the bathroom the same color as the bedroom. I thought I’d do it on a Saturday or maybe over a weekend.

The weekend turned into several… which turned into months. It literally took about three months. Peeling that stuff off… wow. That’s all I can say.



For some reason, the vanity in the master bath doesn’t have drawers. I have no idea who would make/dream of/want a bathroom vanity without drawers. Obviously, this wasn’t something I noticed when we purchased the house in 2007, but I quickly realized it after having back pain at 6:00 a.m. every day. Trust me, bending over constantly to retrieve hairspray, combs, toothpaste, makeup… everything, is no fun. My only choice was to leave every single thing we use out on the counters, which was not pretty to look at. This was the best solution I could come up with – pretty baskets to hide products sitting on out towel rack.

Front view (the actual towels are under the sink):

A year or so ago, we also replaced the shower door. I won’t go into details with this one, but lets just say five men couldn’t figure it out, but one woman did! (No, it wasn’t me).


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