Pinterest – A quick explanation

One my husband’s many hats he wears at his job is social media. He has a knack for predicting “the next big thing,” and will always be the first person I know using any new platform.

However, one prediction he didn’t make has a slightly more female demographic – Pinterest. One of my friends, Casey, told me about Pinterest well over a year ago, when it first really came out and users still needed an invitation to join.

Over the past month or so, the site has really boomed in usage. My husband finally decided to sign up, but still said he didn’t “get the difference between Pinterest and Tumblr.”

Pinterest is more of a bookmarking site than Tumblr. Let’s say I am reading a blog and see a really good recipe. Normally I would have thought, ‘oh, that sounds good, I’ll have to try that sometime.’ Then I would never remember it or think about it again. With Pinterest, I can “pin” it on a specific board I’ve created for recipes.

The process doesn’t just work for recipes, but for other things such as fashion, home idea, entertainment, and really anything.

I’ve actually made several recipes found through Pinterest – including homemade butter, homemade salsa, and even a chili recipe.

The site isn’t really a place for self-promotion. That’s not to say one can’t bend a little for that, but that’s not the main purpose of the site.

Even though I’ve only recently started really using it (have had an account for a while), I’ve been very pleased with it. The only negative I can even come up with is the inability to “hide” certain photos from your main page, as you can on Facebook. However, that’s a very minor negative.

So there you go – a very basic explanation of Pinterest. Also, I have to get ready for work!


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