Wow, so much going on, and so much to catch up on. Christmas went the usual. We visited with Dan’s grandparents, my parents, and my nanny (grandmother). I don’t get to see my Nanny very often, so it’s always great to see her.

So, here’s a recap of our winter holidays:

I actually pulled a muscle in my thumb playing X-Box. The sad part? I was playing Kinect.

This is our living room tree. We actually found this tree in our attic after we bought the house. Dan keeps trying to give it away, but I refuse. I love, love, love having two trees up and doing different styles on them. We keep saying we'd like to get a taller tree since we have such huge ceilings.

This is the tree we’ve had since we got married. Dan’s dad bought it for us. Ever since Edward Scissorhands, I have been in love with white Christmas trees. I always said I wanted one, and voila.

The cat.
<a href=""&gt;

Our “good” Christmas picture.

Our Christmas gift from Bryan and Lindsay – it’s a painted woodsaw! Finally!!! Whoo hoo!! Dan has bee after one of these forever. Now we just have to get a plate stand to sit it on.

Dan and his brother. (Yes, this is a joke pic).

Dan and his grandpa, who I think he favors the most.

After Christmas, we took a mini-vacation to the General Woods Inn, which is at the Alabama/Georgia line. It’s owned by an actual Army General. The military service of that family was amazing.

On the way home, we took the Google Maps way. We climbed the side of a bluff. No joke. I’m a country girl and am accustomed to backroads, but this was nuts.

And, and, and…
I was one happy camper in January! Roll Tide!!

In new news, we have decided to sell our house. When we purchased the house, we said it was a “five-year house.” It’s been five years. We’d like to move farther out. Actually, my dream is to build our own house, but finding land is extremely hard. Every thing we find is like, 50 acres for $200,000, or 1/8 of a acre in a subdivision. There isn’t much in-between.

I also have something insanely cool coming up, and I need fingers crossed. I can’t reveal it yet (yes, I’m vague-blogging), but if it happens it is going to be awesome. So wish me luck around March.

Finally, speaking of March, guess what… this March… I am finally… GOING TO TEXAS! Oh, yes! On our last day there, we’re even going Friday Night Lights sightseeing! Oh, I am in heaven. We’re also going to the Top Notch. Yes, the one were Wooderson said alright times three. Can you tell I am excited? Oh my goodness!


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