Painting and all that Jazz

Guess what we’re doing today? I’m sitting in Daniel’s office, helping him paint. Though every time I pick up a brush he says, “Oh, don’t worry about that right now…” Oh, mercy.

Since we bought this house in 2007, we’ve painted the master bedroom twice (from pastel green to fire engine red to a deep brown), the kitchen once (from pumpkin orange to blue and tan) and the office twice (from I don’t remember to lime green to blue).

We’ll probably be putting the house on the market within the next year or two, and need to tone it down for prospective buyers. Daniel and I both love lots of color in our house, but we realize that some people do not.

Our standard supplies:

Dan, fooling with the light switch covers. On that note, we just discovered that whoever put the cable in put it straight through the drywall. No outlet or anything.

The gaudy green it used to be:

You can see the difference:

Our “Roller” (our cat’s name is Roller Rickey):


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