Dragon*Con Part II – The BaCONing

To expand on my previous Dragon*Con post, here are some of our personal con pics. Daniel came home with the ConBug and I’m pretty sure I was awake for over 24 hours straight. We took a wrong turn on the way home, and I discovered why Franklin County, Tennessee schools close for one snowflake.

A fabulous time was had by all.

Bryan, Lindsay, Zach and Sarah met us at the Waffle House. No joke.

Daniel, when we first got into town.

A little boy dressed as Mario kept putting his hat on R2. It was adorable.

Daniel with Spidey!

Daniel, who will beat me up for posting this, getting way, way way too excited about his free birthday sundae at Hard Rock. I had to text Bryan to tell him to tell the server it was Dan’s birthday. Lindsay made up this epic story about how Bryan really wanted bacon, so he had to track down the server and find him. Of course, Dan had to ruin the surprise by flat out telling the server it was his birthday. The server retaliated by telling everyone he was turning 52, and this wasn’t Golden Corral.

The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

Daniel and I also went to the Braves game. They were winning up until about the 6th inning. Bummer.

Boom Box Trooper – I assume this is the same guy from last year, only this year he has turned red and wears Adidas.

Last year, a picture of Daniel and Bryan with this guy got retweeted 11ty billion times. The director of Elf retweeted it, and it spread around the innerwebs like crazy. This guy is awesome, by the way.

Only at Dragon*Con!

Captain America USO girls – I am in the process of joining them! I found them on Facebook, and they’re an actual group that goes to conventions, etc.

Back to the Future (which was insanely popular this year).

Rick Grimes walking the streets of downtown Atlanta? Oh heck yes!

A pink gonk!

Daniel and I with Ashley Eckstein, creator of Her Universe, which is a geek-girl clothing company. She is also the voice of Ahsoka in The Clone Wars. When our friend Lindsay lost her house in the Alabama tornados, Ashley donated some shirts for her!

Daniel made me get a picture with Jared!


2 thoughts on “Dragon*Con Part II – The BaCONing

  1. What a great inivterew! You are so poised and confident, and I agree with the comment above, it was really neat to see Jillian have her “a ha” moment. Love the advice![]

  2. Mi sembra un decalogo utile, intelligente e salubre.Molti dovrebbero rileggerselo, in un periodo storico in cui le idee più malsane e di pessimo gusto prendono sempre più piede, a discapito della praticità e dell'utilità di un prodotto.Un designer deve lavorare per migliorare ciò che vende, non per vendere paccottiglia kitch…

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