Super Secret Swimming Hole

So I finally had it with Blogger. I originally wanted to use Blogger instead of WordPress because of the ease of use. I like the simplicity of posting. However, I ddid not (and do not) like waiting literally hours on end to upload photos.

Anyways, I went with my brother a few weeks ago to check out his “hangout” that he and his buddies have. It’s so awesome. My husband referred to it as, “the super secret swimming hole,” which is a fairly accurate description.

I can only say that places like this is one of the reasons I am so desperate to move home.

Don’t worry, it’s not as high as the photos make it seem.

Speaking of moving home, here’s a story that happened to me at the bank today:

I’ve been a loyal customer of the same bank and branch since I moved here almost six years ago. For some reason, I had never used their outside ATM – I had just always done withdrawals at the window.

Today I decided to use the ATM. To make a long story short, it wasn’t like other ATMs, and I had to go inside to explain what happened.

The teller was extremely nice and professional, but she started showing me how to fill out a withdrawal slip. She did nothing wrong, but she treated me like a brand new customer she’d never seen before.

The last time I went to the bank back home: “Tell ya mamma she left her safety deposit keys up here!”


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