Dragon*Con Costume Ideas

This past weekend my friends and I loaded up and headed for the ATL in quest of one of the ultimate sci-fi conventions, Dragon*Con.

This was our second year to attend, and Daniel keeps referring to it as “Dragon*Con Part Two: The BaCONing.” Bryan and Lindsay were obviously there and so were our friends Zach and Sarah. We met Friday morning at a Waffle House outside of Birmingham, and then went on our merry way.

To be honest, I am not much of a sci-fi fan, but I go to support Daniel and my friends. Daniel and I haven’t ever really done the costuming, but every year we tend to think of so many great ideas after we’re there. Of course we always forget them by the next year. I wanted to share some of our ideas we’ve came up with – some of which I believe would be EPIC if done good.

1) Parade Idea: Kevin from Home Alone, being followed by two guys in a blue plumbing van. Simply get some random kid, two guys and an old van. This would probably only work in the parade. It has a little weight as a normal costume, but there’s no way a kid could wear Chicago-winter clothes in Atlanta summer.

2) Parade Idea: The Griswolds from Vacation. A blonde mom, a dad, and two kids in an old station wagon – pretending to be lost. See, they took a wrong turn and ended up on downtown Atlanta in a parade. Oops.

3) Griff’s Gang from Back to the Future II. This would go along with all of the BTTF fanfare that has been popular in the past few years at D*Con.

To be fair, this was done at screening of BTTF in LA.
Would it still make an awesome Dragon*Con costume? Yes, yes it would.

4) The kids from E.T., in their Halloween Costumes. This would be relatively easy. A kid in a white “ghost” sheet, a tall kid with a plastic “knife head,” and don’t forget Elliot (not pictured).

Make it happen, D*Con!


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