It’s HOT

Man, it’s hot. Scaldingly hot. I went outside to take out the trash, was out there for less than a minute and honestly got disoriented. It’s an oven.

I feel bad because I feel like I should be up and out doing stuff, but it’s just honestly too hot to do anything. We couldn’t even go fishing because it was just too hot.

In other news, we’ve officially cut the cord on satellite television. The funny thing was when we called to cancel – they actually told us we wouldn’t be able to get local channels. Seriously? It’s called an antenna. We’re now Netflix/online only. Everything we watch we can either get on local networks, on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. We in the process of upgrading our Internet speed (and changing providers) so that we can have multiple devices going at once.

Our cat, Rickey, actually fell asleep inside the blinds the other day. It was quite hilarious.

Of course I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures of Little Bit while she napped away on the couch.

Our friends Bryan and Lindsay, who recently got married, had an awesome idea for wedding party gifts – antique glasses. At the reception, we got to pick out our favorite ones. These weren’t the only gifts, but I just thought this was too awesome not to share. Lindsay said they had to go to a ton of antique and thrift stores to find them all.


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