Wedding of the Century

Remember that feeling when you were 10 years old – when you went over to your friend’s house and never wanted to leave? Then when you left, you couldn’t wait to go back over and play? Well, I’ve felt that way every single day since June 5. The whole experience with Bryan and Lindsay’s wedding made me realize how much fun life can really be when you have amazing friends along with you.

Top Yahoos of the Wedding of the Century, in no order:

“We got grown man business to discuss!”

Walking around with with my friends at midnight in a Wal-Mart.

The Ghost Lights.

Bryan retelling the story of the Ghost Lights; i.e. “Then I went to raise my hand, only I forgot I had a knife duct tapped to it.”

“But Bobby’s got Blue Moon in his!”

Bryan pretending to cut his wedding cake with Link’s Sword.

Honk if you want us to do it.

Camaro Mustang

“Get in the trunk.”

Bryan and Lindsay having XBox brawls in a tuxedo and wedding gown.

“Man, you’re hardcore,” i.e. breaking down the bathroom door.

Peep show in a tent.

“Breaking” into my father-in-law’s house at 2:30 am.

“What are those claws on your back?”

Super Soaker fights.

Key West Inn.

“Church’s Chicken.”


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