Facebook Fasting…

So I’m on a Facebook fast until Wednesday.

I decided that I spend way, way too much time on the site and I really need to cut back. Don’t get me wrong, I think using social media is fine, but spending literally hours a day on Facebook… not so much.

Will I make it? Let see, today at work, I think I actually answered the phone as, “Thank you for calling [employer]Book.”

Will I make it not knowing if a girl that was two years ahead of me in middle school thinks that “people be startin’ drama?” Or if a guy I met 10 years ago in community college is having dinner someone who he claims is the most beautiful girl in the world? Or if my brother has changed his profile picture, or if my mom liked Will Smith, Will Smith movies and the entire Will Smith franchise?

No… I won’t make it. Helppppp!

I don’t see how some FB users can go months or even years at a time without logging in and seeing the latest news. I don’t think I am going to make it three days, much less a year. I actually use FB for keeping up with my friends. While I really may not care what celebrity someone likes, I do want to see the pictures Bryan posts of Free Comic Book Day.

I can do it. I can do it… maybe…

I’ll give the results on Wednesday.


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