Goals vs. Wishes

Great minds have goals; others have wishes.

This is the signature at the bottom of one of my customer’s email. Unlike most “please consider the environment” signatures, this one really stands out to me.

I’ve never had goals, I’ve always had wishes.

I wish for a new car. I wish for a land in the country and a little white house out in a field. I wish to own a small business. I wish for a big-time business career. I wish to go back to school. I wish to move to the outskirts of Austin, Texas. I wish to live in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I wish to live in a small town. I wish to be a stay-at-home wife and make money off of this blog (haha). But hey, it’s a wish, right?

How do I decide what I really want? I know that if I could only choose one thing, I could set my mind to it, focus on it, and get it – what ever it may be. I’d say I’m having a quarter-life crisis, but I think I already had that several years ago.

But how do I choose one thing? How do I make the best decision? How do I make life’s decisions? How do I decide how to decide?

Halloween 2010, as Lady Gaga:


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