Surprise Beach Trip

This past weekend were two very four very important days – Easter, Good Friday, Earth Day, and Peter Frampton’s Birthday! Yes, the Peter Frampton.

So how did I celebrate PF’s 61st birthday? My sweet husband surprised me with a trip down to the Gulf.

We ate delicious food at Sea-n-Suds.

We went to the gator walk, but didn’t see any gators.

Of course we went to the famous Souvenir City, and I took my 9000th “must-take” shark photo (not shown).

While Daniel attended to his “duties,” I got up early to look for shells and take sunrise photos.

The we played in the water. There aren’t any water pictures of me, thank goodness, since I got knocked over by a wave and accidently flashed everyone and their brother.

Daniel got knocked over by an even bigger wave.

Easter Sunday at the beach!

And the best part of all…

Wait for it…

Wait some more…


I ate 18 raw oysters!

Oh yea, and it was my birthday!


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