Late? Need an Excuse?

“Why are you home so late?,” my mom asked when I came in at 11:30 one night. I knew she wouldn’t believe the truth. She’d been waiting up for me and had fallen asleep on the living room couch.

My friends and I were driving down Highway 43 one night around 10 pm when the traffic came to a halt. We figured there had been a wreck. The traffic started moving, but it was only slowly creeping along.

It creeped and creeped for a good 15 minutes. Both lanes were moving alongside one another.

We could see lights off in the distance, but the lights weren’t still at all. “Whatever it is, it’s moving.”

“Is it a moving wreck? What the heck?”

“I have no idea, must’ve been a wreck.”

Finally, after an hour, we saw what it was.

A silo driving down the road.


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