"Hey, you should get that suit down from the attic."

Yesterday’s monsoon in our lagoon tore off our gutters. Well, almost.

We were sitting here and I had just put Bit in her crate for the night. Derby was running around inside the house, and we heard what sounded exactly like Bit scratching on the back door. Daniel jumped up and looked outside – rain was gushing out of the gutters. He had to fix it quick, before the entire gutter fell off the house.

Not wanting to get wet (even though it was pouring), he had me cut him out a garbage bag with arm holes and a slot for his head:

Well, it kept his shirt dry, at least…

He finally gave up and brought out the radiation suit:

Since I am guessing most readers aren’t familiar with the radiation suit, here is a vintage clip of Daniel and Bryan using them:


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